About Me

I have always had a great love for fitness ever since I was a child. Reading the men’s fitness magazines from early childhood and marvelling at amateur body builders inspired me to want to be the best at what I do. No one can ever be 100 percent perfect but we can all try to be the best we can be.

I was also interested in football and cricket and had a huge passion for sports such as football and cricket as well as Olympic weightlifting, which resulted in being the sector I decided to pursue myself. After doing years and years of training with weights, I competed in the Olympics for over 10 years; I spent extensive time competing in Olympic weight-lifting nationally and internationally.

I also felt a necessity to study the theory of sports; therefore I decided to execute a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. This enabled me to understand the actual science behind the body and how practical training can affect this. My extensive experience and knowledge provides me with a platform to train almost anyone with any capability ranging from children to adults and from high level athletes to people with learning disabilities.


Being involved in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years, I have created my own unique identity!

I strive to always give a 100% to everything I do. I never surrender, this reflects the way I train people by always striving to push them harder! Having a strong ethical belief in the way I train; for me, as they say, honesty is always the best policy. My forever living motto- the 4 D’s- Desire, Dedication, Determination, Discipline!

My Vision

Because of media influence the general population are led to believe that looking and leading a certain lifestyle is the way to go.

I truly believe everyone should fundamentally “enjoy” training and always find a form of exercise that they are happy with rather than be conned into thinking this

In my opinion, the media regarding the fitness industry is a form of propaganda; it conveys that you have to look and be a certain way. I fundamentally believe that fitness is much more than that of a particular ‘image’ one must have. It’s a lot more about the enjoyment that people feel whilst exercising. It’s about feeling good and looking good in what you do; all whilst enjoying it at the same time. Positivity, enjoyment and vitality are essential!