Counting calories is the key to reducing your body fat percentage

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You spend a high-nutritious meals and avoid things like high fat and Sugar rates foods…
It is advisable to always look at the specifications of the food you buy,
And calculate how much caloric value you consume
I know it sounds like a burden but with time it becomes a game.
I’ll give you an example
If the goal is to lower the percentage of fat
Then the daily intake should be in men between 2500-1500
And among women between 1800 and 1200
(Again it is very much depends on the individual)
in brief
As far as I know myself, I need around 1600 to lower my weight
So I make my own meals..
Let’s say I eat a pizza slice,
where I come from is something like 500 calories
now i have 1100 for the expend…
Very similar to managing a financial budget
Only here is your health.

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