Exercise program – Basic workout program for the gym

We Have a Lack Of Exercise In Our Life
The fitness room is an excellent place to start and yes, it is not the healthiest starting point, like swimming mountain climbing or cycling.
but it’s good enough,
and a great place to do an exercise routine or start exercise plan
Mainly because the gym rooms are everywhere and they are cheap, you will always can find a comprehensive tutorial,
or even an Online coaching, without
register a training group or personal trainer.
(Although it is also recommended)
It does not even require the most basic skill,
Like knowing how to swim or ride a bike.
Of course the gym has lots of variations for training,
One can only do fitness workout or go for weight lifting.
Or combine both..
I will show you a very basic exercise plan that you can perform in the gym,
This is a whole-body program,
Which is suitable for beginners..
So for those who do not know, every workout program in the gym is built in the same way
Let’s say I do push ups
I’m going to divide the workout into 4 sets of 10 reps
What it means
I’ll do 10 pushups and rest for 40 seconds and do 10 more like this 4 times 4 rest intervals of 40 seconds and 10 repetitions per set

So let’s say you practice 3-4 days a week in a gym

10 minutes warm up
It can be by running / walking on the treadmill
By cycling
It is designed only to stimulate blood circulation in the body

Push-ups: like I described 4 * 10 (40 seconds rest between sets)
Crunches: 4 * 10 (40 seconds rest between sets)

End of warm-up
starting with back training
Pulldown: 4 * 10 (1 minute rest between sets)
raw: 4 * 10 (1 minute rest between sets)

Bench Press: 4 * 10 (1 minute rest between sets)
Seated fly: 4 * 10 (1 minute rest between sets)

Dumbbell curl: 4 * 10 (1 minute rest between sets)
Cable bar Pushdown: 4 * 10 (1 minute rest between sets)

Lever Barbell Squat: 4 * 12 (1 minute rest between sets)
Cable lying leg Curl: 4 * 12 (1 minute rest between sets)

This is all for an inexperienced beginner, Do not try to lift weights in the start period, as I said two months is just to figure out how much load your body can take.
It is best to start at 3 days a week, by training one day and a rest the next day.
For example
Weekdays can be divided into Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday
or Monday Wednesday and Friday
In your days of rest, it is advisable to spend some time with body stretching
Even a light, short aerobic exercise to release the muscles…
But take one day for a full rest…
if you don’t want to go to the gym For such and such reasons,
you have other options…
how to get fit at home?
you can get your summer body at home with Online Personal Training
it is very useful for Rapid Fat Loss.
and you will get in shape quickly And effectively
try fitness trainer course
find a personal trainer
and you can get in shape quick
Well that’s all I hope I helped
See you at the gym 🙂

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