Programme Details

Getting six-pack abs is not an easy job. We all know this. But we believe in making the impossible happen. With our detailed workout sessions, personalized diet and regular guidance, you will achieve the six packs within a specific period of time. Your workout will be tailored as per your lifestyle so that you don’t face any difficulty in achieving your goal. With our selected abdominal exercises, you will be able to lose the excess belly fat and get lean and mean in the process.

Perform the exercises recommended for three days per week. As and when you progress, you can start doing it on a regular basis. We suggest that you do the cardio and abs first thing in the morning when your metabolism rate is high. If you plan to do all the exercises in one go, then you should opt for abs exercises as a warm up.

Different types of abs exercises

Some of our popular six packs abs exercises include sit ups, legs raise, jackknife sit-up, knee in, toe toucher, crunch, and reverse crunch. Our certified trainers will ensure that you can perform all these exercises. Depending on your flexibility and body condition, we will increase or decrease the number of sessions you need to do.

Get Healthy and Strong Today

Many of us assume that as we age our body gets weak and it is not possible to get fit and active. But you could not be more wrong. With proper diet, correct guidance and the right set of exercises you can get fit and active at any age. So don’t let your age hold you back. Register today to get back in shape.